It pretty much started with dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs are what got me drawing as a child; you could say they were the catalyst for my love of creating. I have come a long way since then, but my passion for art and creativity remains a fundamental part of my life. As I have grown and developed, I have exposed myself to a huge variety of mediums, artists, and styles which have all influenced my own work and aspirations. While I do enjoy working on range of different projects, I often feel a lack of direction in my work. I have created Drawceraptor as a project to give myself focus in searching for an artistic identity.

Since ‘artistic identity’ is just shy of utterly vague, what I mean to do here in my little chunk of the web is post drawings, sketches, designs, illustrations, concepts… any creative work I am currently working on… as well as content that inspires me. In cataloging and discussing my work and the work of those I admire, I hope to gain direction and focus in my own artistic development. As an overarching project, I intend to work to improve my basic fundamental skills of drawing and rendering, while defining a personal style.

I would love for this to become a place where others can feel free to interact and engage as well, so please feel free to post comments, ask questions, share this blog with others, and share your own work with me.

Welcome to Drawceraptor, home of my artwork and inspiration.

– Jeff

contact me at langevinDOTjeffATgmail.com


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